View from the upper deck

87: Vauxhall to Westminster & Westminster to Trafalgar Square

Article published:

Videos recorded: 16 August 2019

The 87 is one of the bus routes I often use to travel into central London and runs between Wandsworth and Aldwych. I recorded the following two soundless videos in August 2019 while sitting at the front of the upper deck.

87: Vauxhall to Westminster


The first video starts as the bus leaves Vauxhall, and it crosses Vauxhall Bridge then turns right on to Millbank. Tate Britain and the Millbank Tower can be seen (somewhat briefly). After crossing the roundabout with a palm tree in the middle, the bus approaches the heart of Westminster. To the left, Westminster Abbey, and to the front then right, the Palace of Westminster. The bus makes a leisurely tour of Parliament Square. The video ends at the traffic lights, as the bus is about to make a left turn on to Whitehall.

87: Westminster to Trafalgar Square


The second video begins where the first finished. Turning left on to Whitehall, the Treasury building is on the left. The Cenotaph can be seen in the middle of the road, then the heavily-guarded gate to Downing Street follows. Passing Horse Guards, Nelson’s Column and Trafalgar Square appear in front.