About wasaweb.net

This website is very much a personal project — fragments of memory, figments of imagination — whose content is created by me. This naturally exculpates anyone else from the terrible mistakes and inelegant wooden prose I make, write, and impose on these pages, even though the better sparks of ideas usually owe a lot from conversations, in person or online, with friends and acquaintances. Another usual proviso applies: the opinions and ideas expressed in this site are my own, and they do not represent or reflect those of any organization or corporation.

When I started to dabble in website making as a hobby in the late 1990s, it was not particularly cheap or cheerful a pastime, as the connections were slow and spaces limited. Moreover, I had no idea that the internet was to transform, and keep on transforming, our lives so fundamentally, so quickly. Ever since then, the internet has fascinated, and inspired a sense of awe, a mixture of wonderment and terror, in me. Making websites has been my way of participating in it, albeit on the fringe. This site has had a number of mutations over the years, as I have experimented with different platforms, and operated under different names. Websites are always a project, which never finish as such, but keep changing, and evolving.

There are no definite, clear themes or point as such to this site. It is rather random, a higgledy-piggledy organic creation, and perhaps slightly narcissistic, as many personal sites and blogs are, in that it is a place where I would like to publish, or to store in a public space, my thoughts and pictures. Many things are recorded here, hence fragments of memory, and wandering thoughts scribbled, thus figments of imagination.

Masatake Wasa (webmaster), www.wasaweb.net