Belgian National Day

24 July 2009 │ Photographs: 21 July 2009

21 July is Belgium’s National Day, and a holiday. The park in central Brussels was taken over by the Belgian armed forces and NATO, showcasing their role in the country and in the world. I picked a couple of DVDs about NATO’s role in the former Yugoslavia and its engagement in Afghanistan.

Belgian National Day (21 July 2009): park

The military band was playing too.

Belgian National Day

A taste of military life?

Belgian National Day

For some reason, Manneken Pis was dressed up in the costume of an accordionist.

Manneken Pis, on Belgian National Day, 21 July 2009

Aeroplanes flew in formation: part of the parade. After jet fighters came these propeller-operated planes.

Aeroplanes in formation
Aeroplanes in a fly-past move for the Belgian National Day