Earthquake in Japan (March 2011) — 13

14 March 2011 — 13:00 GMT; 22:00 in Japan

The reactors in the Fukushima No 1 nuclear power plant are giving concern. There was an explosion earlier in the day at the no 3 reactor, but the situation seems to be under control now. Currently, the no 2 reactor is causing the most concern. The fuel rods in the no 2 reactor were completely exposed for some time, a serious situation that has not happened in no 1 or no 3 reactor. Sea water has been pumped in, and the water level has recovered. The situation remains extremely serious, and requires constant and close monitoring.

The survivors are spending their fourth night. It’s cold. The supplies of food, water and blankets have been insufficient. Even though the SDF (Self-Defence Force) units are supplying tens of thousands of food parcels, water bottles, and blankets, these are far below the needs of more than a half a million people in the shelters. Rescue operations also continue, but are often hampered by the debris, and aftershocks.