UK politics

Start of the 2015 general election campaign?

It seems as if a very protracted general election campaign has begun, at least in the constituency of Putney, Roehampton, and Southfields where I live, and there are 18 months of it to look forward to, after Labour selected its parliamentary candidate to contest the seat. A newsletter from the chosen candidate, Ms Boswell, was shoved through the post, accompanied by the usual advertisements from pizza shops, estate agents, and taxi firms. The newsletter closely follows the narrative of a cost-of-living crisis adopted nationally by Labour. I wonder if such a prolonged period of campaigning and shadowing the incumbent might increase the chances of the challenger, as it gives more time for the candidate to build – in this instance – her profile locally.

If the Conservatives were to lose this constituency in the 2015 general election, that would be a disastrous night for them. While a lot can happen in 18 months, at the moment, a victory for Ms Boswell looks like a very unlikely prospect, and I am uncertain as to how many people are really up for a year and a half of electioneering.