UK politics MPs’ expenses

5 April 2009 Addition: 12 April 2009

British MPs are having to do lots of explaining to the UK electorate / tax-payers. Some MPs have been claiming expenses for their (second, third, sub-let, non-resident) homes. There are other items of expenses, but the housing allowances have attracted the excitement of journalists.

Other than not allowing any housing costs at all, one good alternative may be a ‘hall of residence’ for the MPs near Westminster. It will cost a lot of money initially, but on the more positive side, such a hall of residence will create many jobs in this time of recession, and will end all sorts of tricks with the housing allowance. They have their own houses in their constituencies, which should be paid from their normal salary, and a pad in London. If they don’t want to live in this hall of residence, then they have to make their own arrangements, without any allowance. Travel expenses are limited to a season ticket to their constituencies, and taxi fares from the local station.

Added 12/04/2009

I just listened to The Now Show on BBC iPlayer and similar ideas were being aired – so, really, why not a hall of residence for MPs?