Blue-yellow-red Which colour will the next government be?

So what government will the UK have? Is it going to be blue-yellow, or red-yellow? At the moment, 14:15 BST, it looks more like a Tory-LibDem understanding than a Labour-LibDem coalition.

The Tories have displayed a remarkable amount of patience and discipline so far. True, there are dissenting voices to be heard, primarily on the right of the party, but so far there has been no clear fissure within the party. This is in a stark contrast to Labour. It’s now in the limbo, since the leader will go, and no one yet knows who will succeed him. There has been vociferous opposition in some quarters to a possible pact with the Liberal Democrats, and the dissent is expressed much more publicly and loudly. It does not augur well, either for the coalition talks since the Liberal Democrats don’t know with whom they will be dealing, and for the eventual government, since its key members will be engaged in a succession struggle.

But what will actually happen? It’s a guessing game.