UK politics Can Mr Brown survive?

There has been a spate of resignations, the latest being Ms Blears, which pre-empted Mr Brown’s scheduled reshuffle on Friday, after the probable heavy defeat in the local and European elections on Thursday. The results for the European elections will not be known until Sunday, so Mr Brown has a window of opportunity to remove the ministers he preceives unreliable, unpopular or untalented, but these pre-emptive resignations have robbed him of the initiative.

It is a sad reflection of this government, when cabinet ministers no longer want to be in it, and they have lost the will to govern and do something for the country, but worried about hanging on to their seats. It remains to be seen if Mr Brown can survive these acts of blatant sabotage by the cabinet. The next 72 to 98 hours can seal his fate: if his reshuffle does not work out well, it may well be the end of his permiership.

Time is short, indeed the time may well have passed, but if he decides to continue, then staying in the bunker is not the solution. The only way now for Mr Brown is to be a radical in constitutional reform, social and education policies, and outflank the Tories and the LibDems. He still has a healthy majority in the Commons, he can be the radical who brings down the current form of government.