Understanding the other

9 May 2010

In building a coalition, a good understanding between the party leaders is extremely important. For this reason, if a coalition government were to form in the UK following the inconclusive result of the general election, then it seems a coalition between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats is more likely than between Labour led by Mr Brown and the Liberal Democrats. After all, Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg are more alike than Mr Brown and Mr Clegg. Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg belong to the same generation, with similar backgrounds and enjoyed similar education. Whether they get along famously or not is not hugely important as understanding each other. By belonging to essentially the same group of people, they have many points of references, whether culture or historical events, that they share. This is not to say policies are unimportant, or whether the party leaders can take their parties with them, but it makes the initial stage of talking to one another much less difficult. Perhaps a clearer picture will emerge tomorrow: will this hypothesis be proved partially correct or totally wrong?