US presidential election Finally ...

4 November 2008

In Europe, it’s already Tuesday, 4 November 2008. Whether Mr Obama or Mr McCain emerges as the 44th president of the United States in the next two days, the new president-elect will represent a change, and a much needed one from Mr Bush. The critical financial and economic situation, and the complicated international problems that Mr Bush bequethes, mean that the incoming president’s tenure will not be an easy one. Americans and the rest of the world alike will need and wish for a strong leadership from the next president. Let’s hope we get one.
[Added: 14:45 GMT]
The turn-out seems to be huge. It is an awesome – an awe-inspiring – sight to behold. Despite all its problems and inadequacies, you have to admire the American democracy in action. Hopefully the outcome will not come down to dodgy machines and lawyers.
[Added: 02:22 GMT, 5 November 2008]
FOX reckons Mr Obama has won Ohio. Others have called Pennsylvania for Mr Obama so it’s not looking exactly good for Mr McCain.
[Added: 02:30 GMT, 5 November 2008]
ABC and NBC calculate Mr Obama has secured 195 electoral college votes. CBS has Mr Obama at 194 electoral college votes and Mr McCain at 124. Might be up for another hour to see if Mr Obama can clinch it.
[Added: 02:36 GMT, 5 November 2008]
Both NBC and FOX believe Mr Obama has 200 electoral college votes in bag.
[Added: 03:44 GMT, 5 November 2008]
FOX has called Virginia for Mr Obama. That’s more or less it. According to FOX, Mr Obama has now 220 electoral college votes. Add 55 from California and that’s beyond the magic number.
[Added: 04:05 GMT, 5 November 2008]
All the major networks have declared Mr Obama the next president. According to the CBS figures (Mr Obama has 283 electoral college votes), there is no need to win Indiana, Florida, North Carolina or Virginia which are pretty close at the moment.