Stepping back as senior royals

I am not sure if I can keep up with what is happening in the world. Only ten days into 2020, and I already feel quite exhausted and overwhelmed. One of the big news stories is that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are stepping back as senior royals.

It is going to be interesting how they proceed with their future careers as non-senior royals, even though a large amount of their brand and cachet is and will presumably remain based on their status as royals. Will the glamour and allure persist even when they cease to be senior royals? In any case, they needed to carve out a presence of their own, since the likelihood of the Duke of Sussex ascending the throne has become very small. So it arguably makes sense to start now, rather than become ever increasingly minor royals, as the children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge grow up thus attract more attention.

Given the sometimes very hostile and negative media coverage that the Duke and in particular the Duchess of Sussex received, the pointed comments aimed at the press are understandable. Yet, their future careers will require working with media outlets. Whether as royalty or celebrity, it will be impossible to cut out the media or criticism.

To be honest, I have no strong opinions about this issue as some others, but I feel that their strongly and sincerely held wishes ought to be respected. What worries me as an outside observer is not the decision per se, but its manner and timing. According to press reports, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex did not consult other members of the Royal Family. Their future financial plans are still sketchy. This is not a great look. Their decision has certainly divided opinion, and those who are not well-disposed towards the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been quite vitriolic in expressing their views.

I wonder whether the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have good advisers around them to help navigate the turbulent times ahead.