I rant therefore I am

Private and confidential

I am easily annoyed, and seemingly insignificant things can get under my skin. Among such small nuisances with disproportionate effect on my grumpiness are letters from estate agents marked private and confidential: there is nothing private and confidential about them!

Bank statements, letters from the hospital about appointments, letters from the taxman, these are private and confidential; general missives from estate agents looking for properties to sell are not private and confidential. The fact that they are not addressed to anyone by name but The Legal Homeowner indicates the degree of the privateness of the correspondence. It used to be the case that these letters were ‘hand delivered’, i.e. shoved through the letterbox, together with leaflets for the local Chinese takeaways, but now they are using the postal system to send out the spam.

Does spending 35p on postage make these letters look more legitimate? Is it worth the cost? I have no idea, but my estimation for estate agents, already low and doubtful how much it could sink further, has indeed sunk deeper into the abyss.