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One for :2, two for :5

Silly supermarket offers

Go to a supermarket, and it looks like good deals galore: there are big red labels on the packages or shelves indicating that something is cheap, and there are BOGOF (buy one get one free) deals as well as two-for offers. Perhaps we as consumers have been conditioned to interpret these signs and immediately associate them with good deals.

I am not sure how to explain these ‘offers’ I found at the local Co-op last month: if I were to buy two for the good-deal price, then I am actually paying more. For example, a pack of corned beef is :2 per unit, but the ‘good’ deal, indicated by the big white letters on red background, suggests that I would have to pay :5 for two, i.e. :2.50 per pack.

Silly supermarket offers. A pack of corned beef priced at :2, two packs for :5.
Silly supermarket offers. Rustlers quarter pounder burger. :1.50 per pack, 2 for :3.50.

I did not purchase either the corned beef or the quarter pounder to see what would have happened at the till.