£500 gold pizza

A flyer from Pizza GoGo that was pushed through the letterbox of my flat.


I wonder how many people would really splash out £500 on a pizza, and more precisely a pizza from Pizza GoGo. For that amount of money, it is possible to dine out most decadently at a very upscale restaurant. Perhaps it is aimed at those people for whom half a grand is nothing, and they would order it as a kind of joke. This extravagant and expensive pizza must ordered by calling the head office, and three days prior to the delivery date, so it cannot be a spontaneous decision.

23 carat gold flakes, white truffle oil, caviar, lobster, and fantail prawns are listed as ingredients. Do these all go well together, on a pizza base? Do not the flavours clash? Apparently, the pizza comes with a butler. What does he do? Cut the pizza into slices with a gold pizza cutting wheel? And there is a red carpet delivery: what does that involve? Are they going to turn up with a rolled red carpet which is ceremoniously unfurled?

It is the incongruity of a pizza delivery company whose most expensive super-sized pizza costs £15.95 offering an excessively lavish pizza that strikes as odd thus noteworthy. If it was a publicity stunt, then it worked on me, as this article attests.