Cat on night watch?

As I was walking down Caledonian Road in London yesterday night, I saw this beautiful shop window with lovely pieces of pottery. In the corner of my eye, I saw something move, so I had a proper look, and there was a cat that seemed as if it was on a night duty shift to look after the shop on behalf of the owner. It is not a good picture, and it doesn’t do justice to the cat or the artefacts, but about the most I could do with my smartphone camera and limited editing skills.

This shop – The Trident Pottery – is located at 84 Caledonian Road, London, which is within comfortable walking distance of King’s Cross and St Pancras rail stations. I had not been to this area before, but walking between King’s Cross and London Overground Caledonian Road & Barnsbury stations, there are many interesting shops, cafes, bars, and restaurants. I certainly would like to explore the area in more detail, perhaps in combination with a walk along the Regent’s Canal.