Aldi’s posh steaks

I had not been to Aldi for long while, and having revisited one of its branches recently, I was surprised to find posh cuts from posh bovines. Aberdeen Angus and Wagyu? Goodness, Aldi has gone rather upmarket: it’s certainly more upmarket than the local Sainsbury’s and on par with Marks & Spencer, as far as the beef selection goes.

While there are numerous supermarkets within reasonable walking distance from my flat, I wish I lived near Aldi and Lidl. Tooting is the closest place I know where I can find these two supermarkets practically next to each other (well, opposite each other, to be more accurate, across the street). Throw in Iceland and a good few other food retailers and market stalls in the mix. Their prices are cheap, and I probably would save more than the return bus fare if I were to do a few days’ worth of food shopping, but it is the matter of time that would prevent me from making regular trips. It is a tempting thought though.