Short video

Sunday afternoon in Wimbledon Common

It has been nice and warm in London for a while, and it will apparently be extremely hot on Thursday. Given the expected temperatures, I am going to stay indoors and not venture outside unless necessary. This means forfeiting walks in Wimbledon Common to relax in the woods or near the ponds.

I have become quite lazy about taking photographs in Wimbledon Common, since I shamefully take its existence for granted, and it is something I intend to rectify. There is a lot to learn and gain from observing and spending time in nature. However I may end up taking many photographs without sorting and editing them properly. I still have a large number of images carelessly dumped in the cloud that I plan to work on at some indeterminate time in the future.

Something I have never really tried before and I would like to experiment is making video clips. It is unlikely that I will ever become an accomplished videographer, and I feel the learning curve is pretty steep, but I need to start somewhere to give it a go, hence the clip below.

Nothing much happens in this clip. It is a vignette of what happens in Wimbledon Common on a Sunday afternoon.