Mega urgent

I’m pretty certain that most of us have received e-mails titled URGENT when they were not. An e-mail (see picture) I received stated MEGA URGENT in the title, and it was not inappropriate, as the agency sending it was looking for someone to interpret at very short notice. Indeed, the receipt of the e-mail was stamped at 9:01 when an interpreter was needed from 9 o’clock.

Interpreting is a very demanding job. I admire those who do, because I cannot, but I can easily imagine how difficult it is. It requires a huge amount of concentration and ability to think very quickly. I am ponderous and laborious in nature and in writing, and like to think over a word or phrase when translating, often coming back to make minor changes. Whether this is the result of an urge to be unnecessarily perfectionist or the fear of making mistakes, I would have no such opportunity with interpreting.

Perhaps the interpreter who was booked originally for the session fell ill or was caught up in an accident or emergency, or that the client changed the schedule quite abruptly. There are many good reasons why an agency looks for a last-minute substitute. I hope this agency managed to find one, though I am not sure how many interpreters would have been available at such short notice. Furthermore, I am not sure where the agency found me and why it contacted me, as metioned above, I do not intrepret.