Rejoice, for there is toilet paper

Yesterday afternoon there was a respite, albeit briefly, in the great toilet paper shortage on the shelves. There was a delivery including toilet rolls at the local Sainsbury’s supermarket. The newly-stocked toilet paper was disappearing quickly yet quietly, as I stood and observed for a few minutes while also taking the photograph. There was no panic or commmtion, just shoppers calmly putting a 4-roll or 9-roll pack of toilet paper into their baskets. Indeed, there was a bit of politeness: ‘After you,’ insisted one person. Others were buying two 9-roll packs. I suspect all the rolls were gone within half an hour, if not earlier. As I still have enough toilet paper at home, I did not purchase a pack, but I have to say I was tempted. Rationally, there was no need, but I felt temptation. For some reason, I found the whole thing a little eerie.