Coronavirus diaries

Parsley and basil

When I made a brief trip to the small local supermarkets yesterday evening, the shelves for fresh produce were almost completely bare. Toilet rolls as well as tinned and canned products have been long gone, but now people seem to be buying anything they can get their hands on. These shops are supplied regularly, but as soon as the newly-delivered goods are restocked, the panic buyers presumably descend en masse.

Over the past few days, dried herbs and spices have become hard to come by too. For some reason though, pots of parsley and basil were still available a couple of days ago where no dried parsley was, so I bought them, even though I am not particularly good at keeping plants alive. At least in case of self-isolation or lockdown, I have something to talk to, as well as eat.

PS: I do not really talk to plants, but if I’m stuck at home for days . . .