Coronavirus diaries


Deliverance, in the form of an Amazon delivery yesterday, from the tyrannical torment of possibly running out of toilet paper!

I have never been happier to see that Amazon smirk on the box. The last time I saw any toilet rolls on the shelves at the local supermarkets was on 12 March, if my memory and photographs serve me correct. When I went to a larger supermarket on 13 March and also on 16 March using public transport, I could have bought some, but I didn’t, because I was in a silly defiant mood of not giving into panic buying. With hindsight, I should have bought a pack then.

As the remaining toilet paper dwindled and disappeared, flushed down the toilet, it was getting a little uncomfortable. The penultimate roll was gone. I was using the last. No delivery slots have been available for online supermarkets for some time, and my hopes rested on Amazon. Even though there seemed to be toilet rolls in single packs available on Amazon Fresh, there were no delivery slots available, so I relied on something becoming available on Amazon Prime.

There was some available one evening, but then they disappeared rather quickly. However the following day, I managed to get hold of them. 36 rolls to be exact. They were initially scheduled to arrive on Monday, however, they arrived two days earlier, which was a pleasant surprise. It now looks as if I have unnecessarily stockpiled toilet paper. I had better not die in my flat surrounded by toilet rolls and be remembered as someone who hoarded.

At £17.09 these toilet rolls were reasonably priced, meaning each roll cost slightly under 50p. It is often possible to find toilet rolls cheaper with supermarket promotions, but I did not have the luxury to shop around or wait. They are 100% recycled, which is good. They are 3-ply, the business class of toilet paper: not the bog-standard economy class that is 2-ply or the pointlessly luxurious first class that is 4-ply.

It is such a relief to be able to relieve myself without worrying about toilet paper.