Notes on Google+

Interesting profiles

I am not entirely sure how I have managed to accumulate over 1,700 followers on Google+, the social media platform that is supposed to be dying, and in particular, I do not know where they find my profile. Anyway, quite a few of the Google+ profiles and pages that follow me are spam or fake, while others are interesting. The quickest way to judge a profile or page is to look at the introduction to see what they write about themselves and who they claim to be, as well as looking at their posts. Counted among the interesting is the description of a Google+ user who recently added my Google+ profile to his / her circles. This person is apparently a God addict, presumably that is someone who is religious and who feels or is blessed: there is nothing unusual or wrong about that. Yet I was startled by the following: this person is anointed to be a blessing to this generation and beyond. That is a bold claim indeed, and may even be considered blasphemous by some. Perhaps this is the beauty of social media: connecting with people whom I am extremely unlikely to encounter in the real world. And this example is far better than being added by fake profiles using an image of a scantily-clad lady and inviting me to join a seedy Google+ community.