A thousand words for $5

As I was clearing spam in a Google+ community, I came across this advertisement on Fiverr.

The copy is riddled with grammatical mistakes and poorly drafted, so I doubt anyone would think this is a good proposition. It may be cheap, but it’s cheap for a reason. Whatever is meant by a USA Writer – does it mean that this person lives or is based in the US, or this person has been writing articles targeted to the US market? – researching and writing a thousand-word piece which could fairly be described as unique article and graded excellent would take a good few hours. It remains somewhat unclear how something can be both a unique article and article rewriting. For that matter, SEO article is ambiguous: is it an article on SEO, or an article that is optimized for search engines?

In any case, I do not think anyone in the US would accept $5 for that kind of work, perhaps with the exception of those incarcerated in prisons. The fact that this operator is forced to spam Google+ unsuccessfully may be an encouraging indication that he or she has not been commissioned to conduct research and write articles thus seeking to drum up business rather incompetently. Yet given there are similar offers, there must be people who are purchasing these services.

At best a punter loses $5 with no harm done which might be easily written off, but hosting a terrible (or sub-prime) article on a site could do harm to the site’s reputation. Caveat emptor.