I should write more

I have been quite lazy with updating this site in terms of writing new articles: I have been adding pictures and images pretty constantly, but updates have been somewhat sporadic, as far as written pieces are concerned. As mentioned earlier, part of the reason is laziness, but also partly due to lack of time, and sometimes I just do not feel like writing, or even if I started to write something, I don’t quite finish it. Now may be a good time to change that and focus a bit more on creating written content on this site. Perhaps posting more should be my new year’s resolution for 2014, but why not start now? Like any other new year’s resolution, this plan to post more won’t last long anyway, and why wait until the new year?

Sometimes I can write a lot, and sometimes not at all. There is no plausible reason why that should be the case, though anecdotally many others have similar moments of intense activity followed by fallow periods of frustrating procrastination. There are many things worthy of record, and even if not worthy of record as such, it would be nice not to forget them. So it is not as if there is nothing to write about, but the will to write is lacking. Anyway, I wonder how long this resolution of writing more will last. A few days, a week, a month, even longer? Who knows. I certainly don’t.