Christmas market in London (South Bank)

In cities across Europe and beyond, there are Christmas markets at this time of the year, and London is no exception. A section of the South Bank between Hungerford Bridge and Waterloo Bridge has been transformed into a line of wooden huts. There are numerous food stalls selling sausages, mulled wine, and other German Christmas market staples and favourites, as well as stands selling various craft and clothing items.

There is something about Christmas markets that cheers me up, even if these markets are predictable and kitsch. Perhaps the magic of Christmas markts is in the light and warmth at the cold and dark times of the year. Anyway visiting the market is not a bad way to spend an evening while in London.

The market is close to Waterloo, Embankment, and Charing Cross stations. It is open until Christmas Eve, and depending on the weather, combining a visit to the market with a walk along the Thames in the evening to or from London Bridge or St Paul’s Cathedral / Tate Modern might be a nice idea.