A whole leg of prosciutto crudo ham

The little Tesco down the road can be a quite interesting place in terms of what it stocks, as the choice is often eclectic. A good example is this £75 Whole Prosciutto Crudo Ham Leg: I am wondering whom Tesco is targeting, since the area I live in is generally affluent, but it’s not exactly Knightsbridge or Bayswater where people might spend that kind of money on a whim on a ham. No wonder the ham hasn’t sold at that price.

Perhaps the prosciutto was meant to be a piece of window-dressing, a kind of talking point in the run-up to Christmas. As Christmas is over, I wonder if Tesco is going to reduce the price. If the price drops sufficiently, I will be tempted, though I suspect many other regular shoppers at this particular branch of Tesco are also keeping an eye on the price, ready to pounce on it, when the price is right. A whole leg would last me for good few months. And I like prosciutto. [Day dreams about eating ham every day]