BT keeps calling

Along with the incredibly annoying Go Compare opera singer, somehow lovable Aleksandr Orlov the meerkat, and the obesity-inducing buy one get two free supermarket offers, I have seen BT’s ads touting its new fibre optic broadband a number of times. Unlike the opera singer, the meerkat and the supermarkets, BT has also been calling and asking me whether I’d like to upgrade to the faster fibre optic broadband.

BT has called twice in two weeks, which is not excessive, but I wonder whether the company has called when I was not at home. Anyway, the first time, I said I was uninterested, and that was the end of the conversation. The second time, I had a long lecture from the salesperson about the merits of the faster broadband. Well, I answered, that as my current limit is 40GB per month, which is more than sufficient, and I don’t really require very fast internet, since the online content I consume does not require that much bandwidth, so thanks but no thanks. OK, the sales lady said, and changed her line of persuasion to the obsolescence in near future of the current copper cable. If that were the case, I reasoned, then the fibre optic cables will have to replace the current copper cable, and I will wait until that actually happens, as I do not see much need for a faster internet, so I’d pass on the offer.

The offer may be a pound a week extra on the current plan, and it may be vastly faster, but I don’t see the point of paying for something that I don’t really need. And I don’t think I would change my mind within a week.