Christmas card

6 December 2011

I don’t send out Christmas cards, and I don’t expect to receive any, so cue my surprise when I received a card today, which was addressed to the postal address without an addressee name. I sometimes receive letters addressed to the previous tenants of the flat, but that hasn’t happened for a very long time now. So, after a moment of thinking about it, I opened the envelope, and found out that it was sent by an Indian take-away restaurant nearby. Enclosed with the card was the up-to-date menu. I think I have ordered once or twice from this particular restaurant, so perhaps they were sending out cards to anyone who had ordered deliveries over the past year.

Sending out Christmas cards is actually a nice marketing tactic: I get lots of leaflets from the local take-aways shoved through the door, and they usually go into the recycling bin immediately, but I’d remember this particular restaurant, because it did something different.