Good-bye, Woolies

11 December 2008

So this is it for Woolworths: as with many other people, I greet the demise of Woolies with a tinge of sadness, but without wallowing in nostalgic orgies as some are doing. Also like many other people, I haven’t been to a branch of Woolworths in ages. I went to the Wimbledon branch a few years ago, looking for coat-hangers, but did not buy them there. Woolworths was always a bit naff, and full of spaces in some sections of its shops, but completely crammed in others. The branch I most frequented so many years ago, druing my school years, was located in Kingston-upon-Thames, facing the market square. I cannot remember what exactly we used to buy there, but I’m pretty sure we bought lots of tins of biscuits and chocolates (Quality Street).