Weird book selection at pound shops

27 April 2012

I suppose pound shops will sell anything for a pound, if they can make a profit, and there will always be people who buy (unnecessary) things, because they are priced at one pound. Sometimes I go to pound shops to buy household goods, and also to browse the books they sell. The selection is strangely fascinating, and sometimes downright bizarre. There must be a doctoral thesis in sociology about the books available at pound shops. There was an eclectic mix of books in a branch of Poundland, and this autobiography of Nursultan Nazarbayev must rank as one of the unlikeliest titles to find in a pound shop. I doubt that many people know who Mr Nazarbayev is, and I wonder how many people would purchase this book. But then, as mentioned earlier, people will buy things at a pound shop, because they are a pound each.