The ever-expanding MacBook battery


I have been using a MacBook for a few years now, without any problem, but recently, I’ve noticed that there is a bulge at the bottom of my laptop. To my surprise, the battery has expanded and was not fitting snugly as it should.

Naturally, I was a little worried, and after scouring the net for information on this issue, I found out that this problem is not that uncommon. Now, I usually use the computer at home, so I suppose I can just remove the battery, and just keep it plugged to the socket?

I should replace the battery, if I want to keep using this laptop, but that’s going to be extra expenditure. Oh well, I suppose batteries are perishables, and this one has lasted long enough, so I can’t complain much.

[Added: 25/12/2009] The laptop functions without the battery, but one of those small things that make MacBooks much better laptops is giving me some grief. The MacSafe cord comes off quite easily and because there’s no alternative power source, the computer just shuts down.