Stumbling upon weird sites

When I have a pockets of free time or otherwise I cannot be bothered to do anything else, I head to StumbleUpon ( and go on a series of chance encounters. Generally, I like to browse pictures and I also see if I can learn more about website layout and design by stumbling from one site to another. Quite often, I see things that are not great or perhaps a little weird, but there are times that I encounter something really interesting or beautiful.

Among the weird, in the sense of weirdly interesting, was a site that came up earlier today called Divorce Dating UK ( Given many marriages break down, and there have been quite a few dating sites targeting particular demographic, it seems like a pretty solid business plan, provided that divorcees as a demographic share something that would attract one another.

I like the concept of StumbleUpon, but it is a little hit and miss, and I am a little puzzled why this particular dating site was shown to me (and it wasn’t an advertisement).