Internet I’m not a twit

9 June 2009

According to a study, 10% of Twitter users generate 90% of content.

I have had a look at a few Twitter accounts, but they never seem interesting enough to follow. If websites were like publishing a book, and blogs sending out e-mails, then tweets are SMS messages sent to the entire world. Tweets are a bit like that function on Facebook stating what you are doing and the columns that appear on thelondonpaper.

I must admit I never understood the reason or attraction of such communication. I am probably too verbose and cannot use text or tweets to express what I want to, unless it’s very functional like "Sorry, tube running late, will be there in 10 mins" or "Are you free for a drink this evening?"

But then, I was sceptic about blogging too, so I may be starting to tweet / twitter / twit / whatever soon.