Creating ‘pages’ in Blogger

4 February 2010


This post was originally uploaded when this site was hosted on Blogger.

This new feature allows Blogger users to create up to 10 static pages, by clicking the Posting tab, and then Edit Pages. It is particularly useful for creating e.g. About this blog, Privacy policy or Contact pages. For further details, see the link above.

I think this feature can be used for various purposes, however, I don’t exactly understand how different this feature is from using a (backdated) post for similar purposes, as I currently do. The Blogger engineering team should be commended for adding this feature, since it makes more choice available to the publishers, but for bloggers familiar with HTML and CSS, this feature looks like a marginal improvement. Perhaps there is value in shorter URIs, but I am not totally convinced of this either.

May be this is a small step in a bigger movement towards making Blogger more than a blogging platform? It would be great, if this were a start of a process to afford even greater flexibility for users by combining blogging functions with elemetns of traditional website pages.

Or have I missed or overlooked something, and barking up the wrong tree? Yes, probably.