Blog design If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it?

7 February 2010


This post was originally uploaded when this site was hosted on Blogger.

Often I find myself advising others to change their site and blog designs, and experiment constantly with their sites and blogs to enhance visitors’ experience and, in some cases, to generate more money. Enhance visitor experience. Did I actually write that? This phrase is precisely the sort of hackneyed corporate gibberish that must be banished from the language.

Resisting the temptation of chopping my unworthy fingures for writing the filth above, I think there’s a virtue in striving for something better, and not being content with what one has. However, at times, the pursuit for something better can turn into an obsession, fussing about one pixel here and there, or the smallest change in the hue of the background colour. Perfection, like many othings in life, is not attainable when it comes to site / blog design. If it does the job, perhaps it is a good idea to heed the advice if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. There must be a happy medium somewhere between not caring and being neuroticly obsessive, but it isn’t easy to achieve that.

For someone who tends towards neurosis, look no further than me. I have wasted a few good hours of a dreary Sunday afternoon on making alterations and modifications to this blog. Watching the rugby on the television might have been a better idea, than worrying about how Internet Explorer would render the blog. I doubt today’s changes make much of a difference, so I really should stop fussing about, and do something more useful.