Blogging Randomness that is the Next Blog

15 September 2009


This post was originally uploaded when this site was hosted on Blogger.

When I have a few minutes to spare, one thing I like to do is to look at (rather than read properly) other people’s blogs. For that purpose, I often use the Next Blog function on the Blogger navbar (navigation bar).

There is always a surprise when I hit that button: there is no knowing in what language the next blog will be, or what it will be about, or who writes the blog. The themes and topics of blogs vary widely: I’ve come across some pretty nutty political ranting to beautiful blogs which functioned as on-line portfolios for budding artists.

So, it is a bit annoying when bloggers remove the navbar from their blogs. The removal of the navbar stops me from enjoying different worlds unfolding on my screen effortlessly, causing me to use my hand to press the browser’s go back button.