What’s happening in Kyrgyzstan? (2)

I have not heard much about what’s happening in Kyrgyzstan. Recently, Uzbeks had fled across the border to Uzbekistan, after what has been described as ethnic clashes. We have also heard that the Uzbeks have now returned. According to the UN, the Uzbeks have indeed returned, but their homes had been destroyed, leaving many to live in camps and in need of aid. Moreover, there are numerous displaced people, estimated to be at least 300,000, within Kyrgyzstan following the political instability caused by the ousting of the former president Bakiyev. The situation seems rather volatile and unstable at the moment. It’s odd that this issue does not have more extensive coverage, given Kyrgyzstan’s geo-political importance. A conspiracy theorist within me thinks that it is precisely for its importance in international affairs that we are not hearing much about it.