Storms: weird weather in Britain

The weather has been somewhat weird recently: Britain has been battered by a barrage of storms, and many parts of the country have been inundated by floods and high tides. The grounds are very saturated now so that any rain is likely to cause even more flooding. This weather consisting of strong winds and near incessant rain feels more like an autumn on steroids than a typical south-of-England winter, as it is warmer than usual without any signs of the supposed cold and snowy winter that had been forecasted by some newspapers, even if North America is being frozen to the core.

Concurrent with the longer-term climate change, we may see more instances of extreme weather events, which are easier to see, feel, and suffer as they are more immediate. The costs to maintain the world as it is in the long term may be unimaginably high and unfeasible. Piecemeal measures to counter the immediate based on events may be just about affordable individually, but cumulatively they will add up, and if the dire warnings of climate change were to materialize, taking action in reaction to such events may merely be rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.