Green Flag

16 April 2011

The main advertisers on the telly now seem are supermarkets, insurance companies and comparison sites, ambulance-chasing, pettifogging personal injury claims lawyers, online bingos, a well-known fast food outlet, and car manufacturers. Though when there is a sporting event on, the bookies take over the spots.

Among the many insurance companies that repeatedly appear on the box, there is one that is called Green Flag ( Its adverts feature computer-generated ants in a militaristic march, with the chief ant reviewing it, as seen in the example linked below.

I just have to wonder: is this company related in any way to Colonel Gaddafi, given the flag of the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya is a green flag without any other details? Naturally I don’t think so, but as marketing goes, this does make an unintended and unwanted association with a brutal regime.