The Royal Family as celebrities

It may perhaps be considered a small miracle, given the amount of time I spend on the internet each day, that I have not seen the photographs of either Prince Harry or the Duchess of Cambridge in varying degrees of nudity. I am simply not interested in seeing them. I also find the idea distasteful, as they were private pictures or pictures that invaded privacy: what happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas; and people of whatever standing should have a right to privacy. This is especially the case as I fail to see any argument for public interest that would outweigh the intrusion on and invasion of privacy.

What these stories demonstrate starkly is that the members of the Royal Family remain worldwide celebrities, whose privacy is invaded, in order to sell more copies of magazines and papers. There were worse instances of invasion of privacy, and incessant harassing, when Princess Diana was alive. After her death, there was public revulsion, a widespread sense that a line had been crossed, and the press and the paparazzi kept some distance, but it feels that some of the excesses are returning. I certainly hope that those dark days are behind us.

Monarchies have reinvented themselves over the centuries, and they will continue to adapt to the age, if they are going to survive as an institution, but perhaps in the medium term, the members of the Royal Family, especially the younger generations, will continue to be seen as celebrities.