Proper aeroplane food


Dinner on US Airways flight 729 from London LHR to Philadelphia PHL, 27 September 2013

For the first time in a number of years, I have had proper aeroplane food, and by that I mean something almost completely devoid of taste and texture. The meal in question was supposedly chicken with tomato sauce, accompanied by boiled vegetables. The chicken was both watery and rubbery, and looked as if reconstituted, which must be counted as a culinary triumph of sorts. The only reason that I thought I was eating carrots was because of the colour. The vegetables were cooked to the death and beyond, but somehow they managed to retain their colours. I do not expect much from aeroplane food, and nowadays passengers are pleasantly surprised if they are fed without additional charges. And I have had worse.

I have to say that other than this aspect of the flight, I have found travelling with US Airways a pleasant experience: the members of the crew were friendly and helpful, and the seats reasonably comfortable, inasmuch as economy class can be comfortable, and it helped that no one was sitting on the seat next to me.