No more sandwiches on short-haul BA flights

According to media reports, British Airways is going to stop serving sandwiches on its short-haul flights, which are shorter than two-and-a-half hours, and depart after 10 AM. This is perhaps another reason not to fly BA. Its sandwiches were reasonably edible and at least passengers had the satisfaction of being fed. Apparently it won’t sell food on board either, so owners of sandwich shops in the airports must be rubbing their hands. The fact BA served ‘free’ food made a bit of difference, when I choose the carrier: I know, I’m just a glutton, and fall for ‘free’ food any time.

Cutting this service will save BA money, but I wonder how much goodwill it will lose. The company either is desperate to cut costs to survive so it doesn’t care about what consumers think, or came to the conclusion that the loss of passengers’ goodwill is minimal. Anyway, this is another trend in the convergence between the low-cost carriers and ‘full-service’ airlines. If you could fly cheaper with someone else, why fly with BA?