About the translated texts


The translated sources, excerpts, and passages indicated as translated by me found on this site are essentially products of a personal hobby project: documents will be added as I translate, and updates may be rather infrequent. The documents are mainly from the early modern period (roughly the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries), and often in German. The source texts are found on Google books.

The translated sources are twice changed, in language and in time. I have not attempted to translate materials into contemporary English of the original document. In other words, I have not tried to mimic Elizabethan English, when translating a document from the late sixteenth century. Instead they are translated into modern English, though I have taken care to be as accurate and complete as possible.

Please do not use transcribed and translated texts on this site for academic purposes!

The transcribed and translated documents found on this site should not be quoted for academic purposes for the following few reasons (among many). To begin with, I may have made errors in transcribing the original text: it is not always a question of copying and pasting. However, the main reason for this warning is that the translation on this site is unvetted, in the sense that it has not gone through the normal processes of checks and proofs that a piece of translation would ordinarily be subjected to, and as such there may be mistakes in translation. I shall be grateful, if you would contact me after finding out faults, mistakes, and rooms for improvement in any of the translated sources. Furthermore, upon finding errors after the initial placing of the text online, I will fix them, but I may not document all changes, therefore the text is not fixed, but fluid, which renders it more difficult to trace back. Another important reason that it should not be used for academic purposes is the broader impermanency: this is a personal website (as it were an ego-document) that could be deleted on my whim at any time. While I will be making an effort to maintain the URI – the web address – of the document, and in case it changes, it is forwarded to the new URI, I cannot guarantee that the URI will work in the future.

Suggestions and corrections

There are a few ways to get in touch with me, but e-mail addressed to webmaster@wasaweb.net is probably the best way.