Playing with variations

Photography has changed a lot recently, as it has become much easier to manipulate images digitally. There are many free pieces of software and applications that are available to enhance and touch up images. Not only is it possible to take a likeness of something, it is so easy to create something fantastical and imaginative with digital photography.

Composition, perspective, focus, and light, among others, are still important, but a lot of magic happens later. Editing images digitally is sometimes a matter of correcting the blemishes of the image, but at other times, it is a far more creative process. The resulting images are perhaps what we'd like to see, or have imagined to see, rather than what we actually saw.

The images in this section of the site are my attempts to see what I could do achieve with different effects or layering. For this reason, you will often see the same image being edited in different ways. They are also experimental: sometimes they work and make the images better, sometimes the differences are minute that they are hardly noticeable, and sometimes a complete disaster. Despite a relatively high rate of disasters, I enjoy the process of editing images, and I hope that others will derive enjoyment from using the images.