Revisiting old images

In this section of this site — stock images in various sizes — most images are numbered, but they are not in a chronological order, in which for example the larger the number is, the more recent it was taken. This is a result of my scattered approach towards editing and manipulating images. Perhaps the scattered approach is not restricted to photographs, but permeates in my life in general, but I digress. Anyway, sometimes I set to work on photographs immediately after taking them, but other times, which is most of the time, I let unworked images accumulate because of lack of time or — as is more often the case — sheer laziness. When I have pockets of time, I often browse through the huge cache of photographs in past albums, which is increasing all the time, to see which images I could work on.

There really isn’t a method in how I work. I look through the thumbnails and choose the images that tickled my fancy on that particular occasion. Every time I edit or manipulate a photograph, I seem to discover a new combination of effects, which presents the image in a new, different way. The new method can be applied to old images, some of which I have already cropped and edited previously. Playing with variations is always a lot of fun, and by doing so, I hope I will be able to keep reinterpreting old images, while adding new images to this section of the site, without becoming too repetitive or stale.