An Essay At Removing National Prejudices against a Union with Scotland | 1

[1] Hitherto all the Tracts I have seen upon the Subject of the Union serve only to Two Ends.


Either Historically to relate what has been done towards a Union in other former Treaties, with the particular Obstructions on either side.


Or to debate the present Question, What sort of Union is most proper for the Nations at this time?


The several Authors have done so much on the first of these, that nothing is wanting to be added to their Work; and on the second, their Reasonings are many on both Sides, which I shall abridge first, and then, perhaps, add something farther, which may not be useless in the Case ; and which, as a Column erected on a prepar’d Pedestal, may rise up to a compleat Form, agreeable in Order and Beauty to the Design.


’Tis in vain to commence a Treaty of Union, and which must after be referr’d to the great collected Councils on either Side, while National Aversions remain unmov’d, and Immortal Prejudices fill the Minds of the People.


These are the Mountains, which must be levell’d, to make smooth this Valley of Peace ; and this is the Feaver in the Blood, which, ’till ’tis abated, and the Inflammation carry’d off the great National Wound can never be cur’d


A Temper to Peace must be sound, or if not found, must be form’d in hoth Nations, as the great Preliminary to this Treaty ; and without which it will be in vain to enter upon the Articles of it.



この小冊子を通して、翻訳が難しい単語に nation があげられる。多くの場合「国民」、「国」、あるいは「人」のいずれかになるだろう。ただし「国家」では違和感を覚える。

あとまだ不満足の翻訳として temper がある。ここでは、「意思」としたが、「意思」よりも「態度」あるいは「性向」に近いのだろうが、どうもしっくりとしない。