Missent Valentine’s missive


Oh dear, someone has sent a text message on St Valentine’s Day to my phone number by mistake. Poor Dwayne. As he borrowed someone else’s phone to send this message, there is no use in me replying, and it would be a pretty weird, awkward, and possibly tense conversation if I were to respond. Dwayne might be in trouble with Becks for failing to contact him / her. Becks, if by miracle you are reading this piece, Dwayne did try!

This message fascinates me, since it is in a language that I could hardly understand, as I am the type of person who writes out words fully in text messages, so deciphering it has been a bit of a challenge, and I haven’t cracked it completely, despite consulting a few websites that list commonly used contractions and acronyms in texting. As far as I can understand, the message reads:

Hey Becks. Sorry, I was meant to ring you. I hope you’re OK. Had to borrow a phone quick to let you know GH AINT stop thinking about you.

From the context, and assuming Dwayne is in a romantic mood texting to Becks, GH AINT might be something like how much I can’t, though they don’t bear resemblance. Or could this message be in code, and the meaning is hidden and rather sinister? Answers on a postcard, please.