An Essay At Removing National Prejudices against a Union with Scotland | 4

It would be too tedious here to recite the innumerable Instances, how the Divisions of these Nations have assisted to the rising Glory of our Neighbours ; and he that has not read how France, under Charles the Dauphin, afterwards Charles VIIth. when by the Conquest of Henry the Vth. she was almost entirely subjected to the English, recovered [4] her self, chiefly by the Valour and Assistance of the Scots, must not pass with me for a Historian.


Had Scotland been then united to England, and the Thirty Thousand Scots, which at sundry Times went over to assist that dejected Prince, been sent thither to joyn the English Armies, then under the brave Duke of Bedford, Regent of France, and the best Generals England ever saw, France had, for ought we know, been entirely subjected to the English Power, and Britain had given Law to all these Parts of the World.


’Twould be endless to trace Antiquity, and bring upon the Stage the very many Instances when Scotland has had the Fate of England in her Hand ; and again, when England has put the Yoke upon the Neck of the Scots Power. The only useful Observation from which, to the present purpose, is, How these alternate Advantages over one another, have tended to the weakening both ; and, by a Chain of Disasters, has helpt to reduce us both to the present Condition, and Danger of being overpower’d by our too potent Neighbours ; who, had these Nations been long ago united under prudent and politick Measures had perhaps been always kept too low to have lookt us in the Face.


Now Disaster begins to make us wise ; and though the Steps both Nations have made toward Union, have been very slow, yet it is a long time since they both say in their Interest, and have exprest a Willingness to bring it to pass.


Whether Providence, for Ends yet unknown to us, or the Nature of things, has retarded it so long, is not for me to determine ; but very small have been the Beginnings, and Progress of this Willingness to Unite.