An Essay At Removing National Prejudices against a Union with Scotland | 7

[7] But the Scots then could not see their Interest, the Power of Popish Councils prevail’d upon them ; and for Fear of Reformation, they rejected the just Advantages to the State, and sent away the Queen privately to France.


The next Turn was more effectual, and this was at the Coming of King James the VIth. of Scotland to the Crown of England: The Prophetick Expressions, quoted before from the Mouth of Henry the VIIth. were now come to pass, and the Crown of England devolv’d upon the House of Scotland. Had K. James done Justice to his Native Country, had he thought of their future Prosperity ; in short, had he thought of any thing but neglecting his own Kingdom, and suppressing the true Interest of it ; -- it was, without doubt, absolutely in his Power to have brought an entire Union to pass, and to have ended all the Difficulties, Disputes, and Quarrels, that afterward embroil’d these Kingdoms in bloody Wars, to their mutual Ruin and Destruction : But as there were People and Parties then to be found, who envy’d, and perhaps fear’d the publick Tranquility, so there has never since wanted a succeeding Race to inherit their Rancourt ; and who, all Occasions, blow the Coals of Dissaffection between the two Nations.


How the good Endeavours of those People, who at the Death of Queen Elizabeth labour’d hard to bring the new Reign with a Union of Nations, came to be defeated, and the further Prosecution of it dropt ; how King James forgetting the true Interest of his Country, instead of gratifying the Scots with what might have been for the general Good of the Kingdom, only brought a long of Train of them hither, who gaping for Preferment, and equally neglecting their own Country, serv’d only to make the English jealous, and uneasy, and consequently averse to uniting. These are Stories too tedious and too remote to engage in here ; ’tis enough to leave it to Posterity that the thing was attempted, but ill persued, the blessed healing Juncture being reserv’d to an Opportunity yet to come.