Snapshots │ Japan

A few photographs taken in Japan, snapping at things that are at times interesting, and at other times weird. Some of the images have a short description or explanation, but other times, pictures are left alone to do the talking.

Labels on packaged meat tell a lot Oranges, satsumas? No, they are called mikan Haneda Airport, Tokyo Haneda Airport, Tokyo Kinken shop in Shinjuku A sign demanding people to dismount from their horses. Asakusa, Tokyo A shop selling battery-operated toy dogs. Asakusa, Tokyo 2011 will the year of the rabbit. Asakusa, Tokyo King of the urban jungle: a crow. Shinjuku, Tokyo Priority seats on a train, Tokyo Seaweed section in a tea shop Using the available space well: a car park A local shrine Mountains Mountains Mount Fuji Mount Fuji Bottles of soy sauce Inokashira Benzaiten A fishmonger in a department store A fishmonger in a department store Shopping arcade in Asagaya A side street in Asagaya Supermarket: beer section Supermarket: thinly sliced meat Monkey? No, frogs, I think Electrical goods shop: routers Electrical goods shop: too bright and too noisy for my taste

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